Affordable Care Act

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The Price to Pay for “Affordable” Health Insurance

We live in an era where Americans are mandated to obtain for themselves a health insurance. When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (more popularly known as the Obamacare) was signed into law back in March 2010, it received different reactions from young and old. Many saw this as a positive and beneficial step […]

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Judge Dismisses Mississippi Health Insurance Challenge

Federal District Judge Keith Starrett has ruled that Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, along with other residents of Mississippi, were “premature” in their legal challenge to the section of the affordable care act that requires people to buy health care insurance. He also said that the governor and another of the members of the group suing […]

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Louisiana Senate Committee Rejects Health Care Exchange Bill

The Louisiana Senate Finance Committee voted recently to reject a state senate bill that would have set up a group of elected and appointed officials to create and oversee their state’s health insurance exchanges, a principal tenet of the affordable health care act championed by President Obama and his administration State Senator Karen Carter Peterson […]

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Insurance Increases 10% in Last Year, but NOT Because of Obama Administration

A study released last Tuesday revealed that company-provided health care coverage, one of the largest costs of both businesses and households in the US, increased by nine percent over the last year, even with a slow economy. More specifically, the average cost for employer-provided family health insurance is now $15,073 a year, which cost has […]

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