Self Improvement Can Save Money on Life Insurance

July 29, 2010

Okay, we all know that insurance underwrites use actuarial tables to asses risk factors and set premiums for each applicant. When it comes to life insurance, the higher your risk of dying early in life, the more expensive your insurance will be. There are two risk factors that you can control, and doing so will not only improve your quality of life, but also help you save money on life insurance.

Lose Weight
If you’re overweight, and want to improve your health, lower your risk factors, and save on life insurance premiums, shedding pounds will help do all of those things. Please understand, we believe people are beautiful whatever their sizes, and we understand that one’s weight is not a measure of his or her self-worth, but losing weight can also help reduce high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and take you out of risk categories for heart disease and some kinds of diabetes.

Quit Smoking
The other act of self improvement that can lower your life insurance rates is quitting smoking. Again, we understand that smoking is an addiction, and we’re not judging anyone, but if you run any kind of search for life insurance as a smoker, and then again as a non-smoker, you’ll notice that those folks who are nicotine-free get lower premiums. Kick the habit, save some money.

Now, no one is saying that serious weight loss or ending decades-old smoking habit is easy, but many health insurance plans actually include coverage that can help you with guidance and/or treatment for both factors, and the hard work you’ll have to do may have positive effects beyond those you’ll see in your life insurance payments.