Representative King: Blood Oaths and Government Shutdowns to Repeal Health Care Reform

September 20, 2010

Steve King Demands ‘Blood Oath’ From Boehner To Shut Down The Government

ThinkProgress made headlines in today’s Huffington Post with a story about the radical agenda of right-wing congressman Steve King (R-IA) who made a splash earlier this year when he introduced a discharge petition in the House of Representatives meant to repeal the health care reform legislation known informally as “ObamaCare.” So far, he’s garnered 173 signatures, including one Democrat, Representative Gene Taylor (D-MS) who signed last week. Both TP and HuffPo report that King told a conservative blogger, Ed Morrissey, that he feels more Democrats will join his cause.

King’s main concern, however, is that the leadership of his Republican caucus won’t carry through on a pledge to repeal the Obama administration-backed health care reform legislation that was enacted last March, especially since some of them have said they won’t campaign for a full health care reform repeal. Congressional Roll Call reports that because of this, King is demanding a “blood oath” from House Minority Leader John Boehner that will guarantee the inclusion of verbiage repealing health care reform in every appropriations bill next year, even if the result of such a tactic is a government shutdown.

His words, quoted directly by ThinkProgress, with its commentary are:

“We must not blink,” he said, noting that money cannot be spent without the House voting to pass it. “If the House says no, it’s no.”

Their new tea party backers won’t tolerate anything less than a full repeal of the health care law, he said.

“They will leave us if we go wobbly,” he said. “I am worried about that, but that’s why I think it’s got to be a blood oath.”

King added that if there is a government shutdown, he plans to ensure that, “…there wouldn’t be a repeat of 1995 where the House caved.” In support of King’s agenda, Representative Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) said earlier this month, that shutting down the government would be the appropriate action, even if veterans benefits were put on hold as a result.

The Washington Post also tracking this story, have reported that there is no word from the Republicans about, “… what would replace” health care reform if it were repealed. They have however, noted that, “…a GOP bill rejected by the Democratic-led House last year is the closest thing to a starting point. That plan would cover an additional 3 million people by 2019, compared with nearly 33 million under the Obama health-care law.”