How Often Must You Visit Your Doctor in a Year?

March 5, 2017

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, you can’t stay away from your doctor forever. You have to have regular visits to your doctor yearly. So, how often should you get yourself examined by your physician?

For someone who is generally healthy, you must have a yearly checkup the least. Regular annual health exams and tests are important if detecting potential health risks and problems before they start. This is called, “preventive care”.

A yearly checkup also helps find health problems that are in its early stages. “Early detection” is key to starting prompt treatment and cure so that the chances of recovery can be better.

By scheduling a regular appointment with your physician, you are taking charge of your life.

Getting the right health services, exams, tests, and treatments will help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Why do other people have to visit the doctor more often?

According to statistics, the average visits to the doctor per year is four times. While one appointment a year is enough for many, some people may have to see their doctor more often. This is because they may have special needs that require more attention from a healthcare practitioner.

When you see or experience changes since your last checkup.

Maybe you’ve already gone through your annual physical exam just a couple of months ago and the doctor said you’re in tiptop shape. Then just a few weeks ago, you started to experience something that’s been bothering you.

You shove off the idea that it’s something health-related. After all, your doctor said your 100 percent health. And besides, you don’t want to miss work to go to your doctor.

Here’s an honest advice, go see a doctor soon.

Even if you’ve had your yearly checkup, it isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be perfectly fine all throughout the year. Please don’t wait for your next annual physical exam.

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When you’re taking prescribed medications.

If you’re taking prescribed drugs, like antibiotics or maintenance medication, most likely your doctor advised you to come back for a follow-up checkup. You must follow this advice.

However, if you feel different or if you don’t feel any improvements while in the course of treatment, you may see your doctor ahead of schedule. Different individuals react differently to the same medications. Other times, the doctor may adjust the dosage or frequency or they may have to change the drug with another.

Of course, the doctor will explain the expected side effects of the meds you’re taking. But if it’s making you feel uncomfortable, sick or different, consult a doctor immediately.

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When you’re at a critical stage in life.

Some of life’s stages require more medical attention than others. Infants and babies need will have to visit their pediatrician more often in a year in their first years of life.

Same goes for a pregnant woman. They will have to see her obstetrician can closely monitor her health and that of the baby she carries.

People who are old also need special health exams schedules more often because their health can suddenly change and deteriorate due to aging. And, of course, people with chronic illnesses may have to consult their doctors more than once in a year. This is to make sure that they’re conditions are not getting worse.

Always make it a habit to visit your doctor at least once a year. Take charge of your life and make better and more responsible choices. Take control of your health today.

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