NGI Launches MassDrive Direct Auto Insurance

March 2, 2017

Next Generation Insurance Group (NGI) has just announced the launch of MassDrive Direct Auto Insurance, a new business that puts the customer’s need for convenience first. MassDrive will provide drivers in Massachusetts with independent agents and the opportunity to shop online or by phone. NGI has designed MassDrive to help customers find the best rates quickly and easily in a newly deregulated market.

This new service is in support of the new motion to deregulate auto insurance in Massachusetts, which has relaxed state control of insurance rates. Before this, auto insurance providers had to offer rates that were standardized across the state. So, all of the prices were very similar, but deregulation gives auto insurance providers the opportunity to be more flexible with their rates and offer more discounts. This has been a great thing for insurance buyers, as they are now paying less for insurance coverage in states that have deregulated insurance rates. This year, the insurance premiums have dropped by 8.2%, saving customers over $270 million. However, this means that insurance agencies are competing much more, giving consumers so many options and requiring much more research on their part in order to find the best deal.

MassDrive believes that insurance buyers need an agent that has a thorough understanding of the new situation. They are striving to take the guesswork out of the new regulations in order to help their customers make the right decisions. Customers will also benefit from MassDrive’s focus on the individual, as the company matches clients with services and agents that are specifically suited to their financial situation.