Nevada Ticketed 12,000 for Cellphone Mis-use

January 8, 2013

Two years ago, the state of Nevada instituted a state law banning the use of cell phones while driving, including using them for phone calls, texting or reading the screen, even if the vehicle is stopped in traffic or is waiting at a traffic light.

Last year, 2012, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol, that law was enforced to the tune of roughly 12,000 tickets being written for cellphone misuse.

Most of those drivers, state officials say, were receiving only their first citation, while thirty of them were second-time ticketees, and another 25 were being cited for a third time.

Under the strictures of a ban, first offenses carry a fine of $112, with the fine escalating to $192 for a second citation and $352 for a third (or more) violation of the law. As well, repeat offenders rack up points on their driving records, which, in turn, will adversely affect their auto insurance premiums.

How does a driver avoid being cited for using their cellphone while driving? Nevada state troopers recommend avoiding the use of any phone or texting device while driving, or, if that’s not possible, switching to hands free operation of the phone.