Mid-Term Elections and Health Care

October 27, 2010

Next Tuesday, November 2nd, is election day, and while many people may think it’s okay to blow off mid-term elections, we here at the Insurance Specialists Blog feel differently. In fact, we’re urging everyone to vote. Why? Because the senators and congresspeople who are voted into office next week could determine the future of health care reform. For that matter, there are also ballot initiatives about medical marijuana legalization in at least four different states.

We’re not alone in our belief that mid-term elections are crucial. The United Auto Workers has posted some insurance-related talking points on their website.

We don’t endorse politicians or political parties, but we do think everyone should go read those talking points before going to the polls. And when it’s your turn to pull that lever? Don’t vote for one party or another simply because you like or dislike that party; instead, vote your heart. Vote for what you believe, not what ANYONE tells you to believe.

As for those health care reform talking points from the UAW, they’re here.