Louisiana Attorney General Given OK to investigate BP

June 15, 2010

More news in the battle against BP: Attorney General Buddy Caldwell of Louisiana has been given permission to investiage BP, the rig explosion that has sent oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, and the company’s process for compensation Louisiana residents and businesspeople affected by the disaster.

According to a news release, Judicial District Court Judge Joy C. Lobrano approved Caldwell’s petition to have BP release data related to the oil spill claims process, as well as documentation on the explosion and spill.

In addition, the petition requested that BP provide data on the composition of the mud used in the drilling and the failed “top kill” operation, and on the use and effects of any and all chemical dispersants being used, as well as air and water quality data.

BP has ten days to raise objections; after that Caldwell’s investigation can begin.