how much does sr22 insurance cost

September 1, 2019

If you need an SR22, don’t mistake it for insurance coverage, because it’s not. An SR22 is a certificate your insurance company files with the state, proving that you have at least the minimum liability insurance required by your state. The SR22 isn’t a requirement for every driver, though. Keep reading to learn how needs the SR22 and what it might cost.
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Who Needs an SR22?

If you’ve heard of the SR22 before, it’s likely correlated with a DUI as that’s the most common occurrence. But, your state may require the form for other serious moving violations including:

  • Reckless driving
  • Numerous moving violations in a short period
  • Driving with no insurance
  • Reinstating your license after suspension

Each state has different requirements. Ask your insurance agent if your offense requires an SR22.

What’s the Cost of an SR22?

Many people worry about the cost of the SR22, but that’s not where the worry should be. While the cost varies by state, the average cost is around $25 for the certificate. The cost of the premiums should worry you more, though.Most insurance companies increase the insurance premiums when you need an SR22.

You can’t get an SR22 unless you buy insurance first. Shop around with different insurance agents to find affordable insurance. Each agent/company charges different premiums for different infractions. Because most insurance companies label you as ‘risky’, you may pay inflated premiums for your car insurance.

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How do you Get an SR22?

You can only obtain an SR22 from your insurance provider. Your insurance company must be registered with the state in order for it to qualify as well. Keep in mind that if you move states and need an SR22, that you must apply for a new one with the new state that you live. This means paying the average $25 fee again.

How Long do you Need an SR22?

Most states require an SR22 for three years, but it varies by state. You must have continuous insurance coverage during this time. If your insurance lapses at all, the insurance company must notify the state immediately. Typically, this results in the suspension of your license due to violation of the SR22.

Check with your state’s legislature to find out how long you need the SR22 as it can vary between one and five years. In some states, it varies based on the reason that you need it. The worse the infraction is, the more likely it is that you will need the SR22 for a longer period.

The largest hurdle you may face is finding the right insurance company. Many insurance companies won’t insure you once they find out that you need an SR22 because of the risk it poses. Shop around with different insurance companies not only to find a company that will give you the coverage you need, but at the best price too.

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