Easy Home Inventory Checklist Courtest of West Virginia Insurance Commissioner

September 7, 2012

Here at insurancespecialists.com, we’re big proponents of everyone keeping an up-to-date home inventory both on their computer and as a hard copy stored with their homeowners insurance policy. Much advice on what to include on such a list exists, but insurance regulators in the state of West Virginia have made inventory easy. How? By creating an interactive homeowners “inventory chart.”

Available as a free pdf on the West Virginia Offices of Insurance website, the chart is an easy way for home and condo owners and apartment residents to catalog their household possessions, including electronics, art and jewelry.

Representatives of the West Virginia Offices of Insurance spoke to the press about the need for a home inventory, saying, “The information you place in your home inventory file can make insurance claim settlements faster and easier.”

The same insurance regulators added, “You should have a record of your property in order to help make an accurate insurance claim. The inventory may also help you in determining whether you may need personal property limits higher than already specified in your policy.”

They also added, “Hopefully, the need for this inventory will never arise. However, if you do experience a loss, you should feel better knowing that you are prepared by having a home Inventory ready and easily accessible.”