Does VIN Etching Save you Money on Car Insurance?

September 27, 2019

VIN etching is one of the latest ways to save money on your car insurance. With the VIN permanently affixed to your car, thieves have a harder time selling a stolen vehicle. This lowers the risk of a total loss for an insurance company, allowing them to pass along the savings to you.

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What is VIN Etching?

As the name suggests VIN etching involves permanently etching your car’s VIN number into the glass. You can etch it into the windshield or any other glass on the car. The process is quick (takes less than 30 minutes) and you may even find services offering it free of charge.

If you buy a new car and have VIN etching done there, it can cost a few hundred dollars. But, if you wait and hire someone independent of the car dealership or find a VIN etching event in your area, you may get it done for free.

How Much Can you Save?

Insurance companies like anything that lowers their risk of paying out on a claim. VIN etching helps reduce the risk of a total loss (unrecoverable theft). Because of the lower risk, many insurance companies offer a 5% to 15% discount on the comprehensive insurance premium. On a $500 premium, you could save as much as $75.

Before you pay for VIN etching, ask your insurance company how much you might save. If you will pay for the etching service, you may want to know if it’s financially worth it. Of course, lowering the risk of losing your vehicle to a thief is inspiration in itself.

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Reasons to Consider VIN Etching

VIN etching is one of the easiest ways to save money on your car insurance. You don’t have to invest a lot of money and it doesn’t take much time. VIN etching keeps your car safe and saves you money – two reasons to consider it right off the bat.

In addition, VIN etching offers:

  • Fast service – You don’t have to be without your car for any length of time.
  • Many options – You can pay the dealer, a mechanic, or even buy a DIY kit online to do the etching.
  • You can etch any car – You don’t need a new car or a car of a certain age. Any car that you want to protect is eligible.

If your comprehensive car insurance premiums seem high, consider VIN etching. Talk with your insurance agent about the discount you’ll receive. If it’s not enough, shop around to find the insurance company that will discount your premium enough to make VIN etching worth it.

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