Do Auto Insurers Check if You have Points?

June 25, 2020

Points on your driver’s license aren’t a good thing. Unfortunately, this isn’t a game you want to win. You don’t want any points on your driver’s license as too many can lead to a suspended or revoked license in certain states. Even if you keep your license, points on your license can increase your car insurance premiums for as long as five years.

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Keep reading to learn the top ways to remove points from your license.

How do Points Work?

Each state differs in how they handle points. Typically, though, a ticket means you’ll have points on your driving record. This signifies that you had a driving issue. The more points you have the more serious the incident. For example, a reckless driving incident would score more points than a speeding ticket for going 10 miles over the speed limit.

Points typically stay on your record for up to five years. Even once they disappear, though, insurance companies can still see them if they go back far enough in your record. It’s important to find out how far back insurance companies look when you shop for insurance. If you can find a company that looks back three years rather than five, you’ll be able to get lower rates sooner.

Ways to Remove Points

Once you have points assigned to your driving record, there are ways you can remove them:

  • Take driving school – Depending on your state, you may be able to sing up for certain types of driving school to remove the points from your record. Most states allow you to take defensive driving courses to remove the points. Check your state laws to see if this is possible and where you can take the course in order for it to count.
  • Drive safe for a year – Prove that you are a good driver by having a safe driving record for the 12 months following the incident. Don’t get any tickets or be involved in an accident. Show that you are a responsible driver and learned from your mistake.

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Getting the Points Removed

Taking driving school or having a safe driving record doesn’t automatically remove the points from your record. You have to request removal. The process will vary by state, but typically, you go to the DMV and complete a Point Removal Request form. You will need to supply the proof of your reason for requesting the removal too. If you took a driving course, provide the completion certificate. If you apply based on your good driving record, the DMV can look up your record.

Lowering Your Insurance Premiums

Just like points don’t automatically remove from your record, insurance premiums don’t automatically lower either. Talk to your insurance agent about your options. If you are the middle of a policy term, nothing will change unless you change insurance companies. If you are close to the renewal date, though, you can request that the insurance company run your driving record again. If they see that you no longer have points, you may be able to get lower premiums.

The best way to keep your insurance premiums low and your driving record clean is to follow the law. Don’t speed, drive recklessly, or cause an accident. We know mistakes happen, of course. If you do get points on your record, be as vigilant as possible moving forward. Don’t run the risk of losing your license because of a few mistakes.

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