Citizens Cuts Homeowners Insurance in Florida

November 16, 2011

Citizens Property Insurance customers in Florida will have less coverage available in 2012.

The company, which is run by the state, released a memo to its agents stating that it will be eliminating homeowners insurance coverage for most structures beyond the main residence listed on a policy. Specifically excluded will be car ports, patios, screen porches and pool enclosures that are not constructed from the same materials as the actual residence.

The exclusions don’t end there, however. Citizens is also excluding coverage for gazebos, tiki huts, or any other similar structures likely to be open to the weather, or any structure that has a roof or wall built from lattice, thatching, or similar materials.

Citizens is also instituting a $10,000 cap on cosmetic damage to floors that cover less than five percent of the total square footage of a home.

According to company spokesperson Christine Ashburn, these changes will go into effect on all new and renewal policies on January 1, 2012.