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Five Bizarre Insurance Claims (That We SWEAR We Didn’t Make Up)

Okay, we know that people sometimes make insurance claims for some truly bizarre reasons, but these are more bizarre than most. Since this is Halloween week, we’ve decided to share them with you: Shooting a Monkey: There’s no doubt that law enforcement work is a high-stress job, but even police officers can take emotional duress […]

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California’s Prop 19 An Insurance Issue? Maybe So

BankRate ran an article earlier this week that brought up some really interesting points. You may not know this, but in just a couple of weeks, Californian’s may legalize marijuana possession and use, and if that happens, law enforcement won’t be the only thing affected. The insurance industry, specifically in regards to worker’s comp insurance, […]

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California Legislature FINALLY Passes 2010-2011 Budget

Californians will be relieved to know that their state Legislature has finally approved a new budget for it’s 2010-2011 fiscal year, passing it a hundred days after its deadline. The new budged includes projects that will save CalPERS $100 billion though part of that plan involves rolling back pension benefits that were approved eleven years […]

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California Workers Comp Rates Are Too Low

The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) of California has issued a report stating that written premiums for the year of 2009 are too low. Specifically, the gross written premium for last calendar year is about $8.9 billion, which is 17% lower than the reported numbers for 2008 and only 62% of the 2004 total. […]

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