pre-existing conditions

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Why is Health Insurance so Expensive?

Health insurance rates increased in recent years to the dismay of consumers. It boggles the minds of many since insurance companies cannot increase your rates based on illness or pre-existing conditions, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. So what is making the cost of health insurance continually increase? [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s insurance rates.” cat=”health”] Keep […]

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How to Find Life Insurance if You Have HIV

It used to be nearly impossible to get life insurance if you have HIV, but today you have many more options. If you had life insurance before you were diagnosed with HIV, we suggest you keep that policy, as nothing will come close to that type of coverage now that you have a diagnosis. If […]

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Ohio Enacts Emergency Open Enrollment Rule

In order to improve protection for children under the age of nineteen who have pre-existing medical conditions, the Ohio Department of Insurance has issued an emergency rule establishing uniform periods of open enrollment in the state’s individual insurance market. According to the director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, Mary Jo Hudson, “Recently enacted federal […]

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