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Can you Get Vision Coverage on Medicaid?

If you have Medicaid, you probably assume you don’t have vision benefits. It’s not a widely spoken about benefit with this insurance. The good news is, though, that you may have some benefits (limited as they may be). Keep reading to learn how your Medicaid policy may help with your vision needs. [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s […]

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Why is Health Insurance so Expensive?

Health insurance rates increased in recent years to the dismay of consumers. It boggles the minds of many since insurance companies cannot increase your rates based on illness or pre-existing conditions, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. So what is making the cost of health insurance continually increase? [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s insurance rates.” cat=”health”] Keep […]

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The Top Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

Preparing for your long-term care needs now can make it easier on your loved ones. Knowing that you have the finances to hire the appropriate care can make it easier to manage your needs as you age. Long-term care insurance covers the necessary assistance to help you with your daily activities such as bathing, eating, […]

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Fall is Coming; and so are Flu, Arthritis and Other Autumn Illnesses

Who does not love the fall season? The trees change color and familiar places become more scenic. Autumn is just full of magnificent colors, making it the most beautiful season of all. There also a lot of quintessential pastimes people can do during the fall season. Most of these activities involve being outdoors. After all, […]

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Medical Mistakes Bill Passed by Oregon Senate

It’s no secret that medical malpractice suits are big money for attorneys, and an equally big risk for doctors and hospitals, but what about medical mistakes that are rooted in simple human error? What about those mistakes that could be used to teach doctors better medicine? Do those really require the same intensity of legal […]

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Press Release: Disabled Workers Fleeing Job Market

Senator Tom D. Harkin (D-Iowa) issued a press release yesterday morning, about the status of disabled employees in the American workplace. Because we feel this issue is important, we are running the full text of the release: WASHINGTON, April 12 — The office of Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, issued the following news release: This morning, […]

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Thanksgiving and Nutrition

Okay, look, we all know that health insurance is less expensive for people who need it the least – those of us who are healthy and fit – but does that mean we need to avoid all the fun of holiday eating just to make sure our premiums don’t increase? Not at all. As with […]

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Louisiana Officials Concerned About Health of BP Clean-Up Workers

Environmental and health officials in Louisiana are requesting that federal safety officials take steps to protect the health of those who are helping with the clean-up of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Alan Levine, Health and Hospitals Secretary, and Peggy Hatch, Environmental Quality Secretary, say that daily reports of illness and […]

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Meet the MIB – that’s Medical Insurance Board, not Men in Black

With all the talk of health insurance reform, including much reference to pre-existing conditions, and rules on when coverage may be canceled by an insurer, it’s natural to wonder exactly who is “in charge” of all that information. The answer? The MIB, that stands for Medical Insurance Board, and they’re a membership organization owned by […]

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