Insurance Tips

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Homeowners Insurance and Replacement Cost

Did you know that older homes cost more to rebuild or replace than newer ones. To save insurance money, you can consider a "functional replacement" endorsement.

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Life Insurance as an Emergency Cash Source

A loan against your life insurance is essentially a loan from yourself, but be aware: not all life insurance policies allow you to borrow against the cash value.

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Tips for Life Insurance “Newbies”

How much life insurance do you need? Multiply your salary by a factor of eight for a quick-and-dirty estimate.

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Surviving the Dreaded Blood Draw

Deep breathing, self-hypnosis, and even just having a chat with the lab tech can all help you stay relaxed and stress free during a blood draw.

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Maximize Your Employee Health Plan

A flexible spending account may be a good way to offset regular medical bills, especially expensive ones like contact lenses or chiropractic care.

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Back-to-School Insurance Tips

If your teenager is old enough to take driver's education classes at school this year, be sure to go over insurance costs before they start driving your car.

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Homeowners Insurance and Food Poisoning

Safe food handling is the best protection against giving dinner guests food poisoning, but if that doesn't work, your home insurance policy has you covered.

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The July Effect – Avoid the Hospital in High Summer

Prescription errors are a common result of the high summer hospital phenomenon called the July Effect.

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What is Dual Health Insurance?

While dual health insurance sounds like a great idea, it can also be a paperwork headache, and may not always save you money.

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