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Does Health Insurance Cover Dental Work?

If you have health insurance but have a dental issue, you might wonder if your health insurance covers dental work. The answer is that it depends. Health insurance typically doesn’t cover dental work, especially routine or preventative dental work. However, there are a few situations where your health insurance might cover dental issues. When Does […]

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At the Root of the Matter: The Importance of Dental Insurance

Oral health is as important as your overall physical well-being. That’s the reason why dental insurance plans exist. And given the costs of some dental procedures, it’s all the more reason to have one. You don’t know when toothaches are going to strike or make that important visit to the dentist. Take advantage of your […]

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Make it a Habit to See the Dentist, Here’s Why

The American Dental Association recommends that everyone must see their dentist at least once every six months. If you have some problems or you’re in need of additional help, your dentist may ask you to have more frequent visits. Periodic visits to your dentist are important in maintaining your oral health. A dental check-up keeps […]

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Friday Filmstrip: Supplemental Dental Insurance

If you’re very lucky, the dental plan that comes with your corporate insurance benefits actually covers most of your dental needs, but what if it doesn’t. You need supplemental dental insurance, and that’s what this week’s video discusses.

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Friday FilmStrips: Oral Hygiene and You

We don’t spend a lot of time talking about Dental Insurance here, and we probably should, because new studies have linked bad oral hygiene to everything from the potential for blood clots to early warnings of osteoporosis. If you have a health insurance plan through work, check to see if you also have dental insurance, […]

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No Dental Insurance? Consider a Dental School Clinic

Whether or not health insurance reform is ever actually passed, the reality is that there are some kinds of coverage that often fall through the cracks. Smaller businesses may offer health insurance, but not vision or dental coverage, and some communities don’t have a low cost dental insurance option. What do you do, then, if […]

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