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Helpful Tips in Picking the Right Primary Care Doctor for You

In our lifetime, there will be times when our bodies can have too much that we become too weak to function or worse, get very sick. This is where medical professionals come in. Doctors, nurses, and all other medical practitioners are there to provide people with the best medical care whenever it’s needed. However, professional […]

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Health Is Wealth: Never Skip Your Regular Checkups!

We’ve always been told that prevention is better than cure. As kids, our parents used to make us have regular doctor’s visits for regular checkups or immunization and it has been all in the name of prevention. As grown-ups, our lists of priorities change. Sometimes, we forget that these routine doctor’s visits are still as […]

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Here Are the Basic Health Insurance Terms You Need to Understand

When dealing with health insurance matters, it’s quite easy to get caught up in a lot of jargon. It’s especially true among members or plan holders who are not in the healthcare industry. However, basic knowledge about health insurance terms is important. It is to help you get to know how your insurance policy works […]

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Get Covered! Which Health Insurance Plan Is Perfect for You?

Choosing the right health insurance plan can be quite daunting for some, especially when it’s their first time to get a health care coverage. When you decide which coverage is best for you, you’ll definitely face different health insurance terms that you don’t encounter every day. These terms include the different health insurance plans offered […]

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Be a Better You: Ways to Take Care of Your Health This 2018

Maybe it sounds cliche; saying that your New Year’s resolution should include taking care of yourself better. After all, it’s no secret that you encounter health and wellness tips almost everywhere. However, as cliche as it may sound, you should always make your health a priority. It’s true, we all have a list of priorities […]

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Understanding and Managing Your Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs can get quite tricky to manage. Whenever you get sick and need medical attention, you have to be careful not to let hospital and medical bills pile up. This is where health insurance comes in. With basic coverage, you can save a whole lot of money. Even with health insurance coverage, you can […]

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Healthcare Bill Passes

Late Sunday night, the United States House of Representatives passed the much-debated healthcare reform bill in a 219-212 vote, with all the Republicans, and thirty-four Democrats, voting against its passage. The bill, which instigates the most dramatic changes to our healthcare system in four decades, now goes to President Obama for his signature, which will […]

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States Attempt to Counter HealthCare Reform via Bills and Constitutional Amendments

Reuters is reporting that at least 36 state legislatures have introduced bills or resolutions designed to either limit or oppose various aspects of the healhcare reform plan that Congress is still trying to pass. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, momentum is growing in many states to block the changes either by laws […]

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