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Friday Filmstrips: A look at Pet Insurance

As much as many of us consider them so, our pets are not actually our children, and as such their medical expenses are not deductible. Unfortunately, some animals have expensive medical needs, even so. Certain large breed dogs are prone to hip issues, for example, while some small breeds are more likely to get seizures. […]

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Friday Filmstrip: HMO vs. PPO

If you’ve ever had to select an insurance plan from a new employer, you know that two popular options are HMO and PPO, but what are they? This video from Stay Smart, Stay Healthy, via YouTube, explains the difference:

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Friday Filmstrip (on Monday): Insurance and Funding College

State Farm Insurance used to have a web series called the MommyCast. While it’s a bit cutesy, the information in the videos is good. Today, we’re sharing an extra video, all about using insurance to fund college.

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Friday Filmstrips: Renter’s Insurance

We often talk about renter’s insurance on this blog, but it pays to be reminded why you need it. This video, from via YouTube, explains it all:

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Friday Film Strip: Not Intended to Be a Factual Statement

Sometimes we need a little levity, even when we’re talking about insurance. Or maybe that should read especially when we’re talking about it. As you know, last week we posted a clip of Congressional Democrats defending Planned Parenthood as a vital source of women’s health care for women who don’t have health insurance. This week, […]

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Friday Filmstrips: What is a Home Warranty?

Homeowner’s insurance is vitally important in case of fire or burglary, but what if the dishwasher breaks or the water heater fails? That’s where a home warranty comes in, and that’s the subject of this week’s video, courtesy of PMZ Real Insights and YouTube. Enjoy!

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Friday Filmstrips: Flood Insurance

Spring is almost here! The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and oh, yes, the rivers are rising. If you live in a flood zone, and you don’t have flood insurance, you should consider purchasing it. After all, it takes 30 days before flood insurance goes into effect, as this week’s video shows. Enjoy:

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Friday Filmstrips: 6 Major Health Care Changes of the Year

Last year, President Obama signed health care reform into law. If the Republicans in Congress get their way, this will be repealed, once again leaving millions of children without health insurance coverage. In the meantime, more of the elements of insurance go into effect this year. This video explains them:

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Friday FilmStrips: ECW Health Plan Ad

We didn’t think we’d find a super bowl-themed health insurance ad for this week’s Friday Filmstrip, but we sort of did, in this ad from ECW Health Plans. We think it’s hilarious. Enjoy.

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