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Easy Home Inventory Checklist Courtest of West Virginia Insurance Commissioner

Here at, we’re big proponents of everyone keeping an up-to-date home inventory both on their computer and as a hard copy stored with their homeowners insurance policy. Much advice on what to include on such a list exists, but insurance regulators in the state of West Virginia have made inventory easy. How? By creating […]

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Tornado After-care?

If you live in the mid- or southwest, you’ve probably heard tornado sirens once too often. In fact, as I’m writing this, we’re under a tornado warning here in Texas. We’re not likely to see any damage in my neighborhood, but all across the country people have died in tornadoes in the last week. It’s […]

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Home Inventory 101

We live in a technological age, which means we all have more gadgets and gizmos than we really need, but what happens when something gets stolen, or a disaster occurs and your house is partially demolished? Without a home inventory, you’re not going to get reimbursed for everything that is missing or damaged. But how […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Get Your Smokey On

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you know that fire has been an issue in California, Colorado, and now Michigan recently, and while we know that most of you have good fire insurance, we also know that a reminder about how fires start is a good thing from time to time, so we’re […]

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Drinkers Exercise More than Non-Drinkers, Study Says

It’s no secret that healthy habits help you save money on health insurance, but did you know that that alcohol consumption is linked to those habits in ways most of us never considered? There have been several clinical studies of the way alcohol consumption affects health, and one of them found that people who regularly […]

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Life Insurance Shopping 101

If you’re like most people, you see those television commercials selling life insurance to people between the ages of fifty and eighty and you pretty much blow them off. If you’re particularly technologically savvy, you might even use your DVR to watch all television, so you never have to see those commercials at all. While […]

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