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Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cover Assisted Living?

Medicare doesn’t cover assisted living and they are pretty upfront about that. If you have a long-term care policy, though, will that cover it? [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s insurance rates.” cat=”life”] Luckily, the answer is ‘yes.’ But, no two long-term care policies are the same. One policy might cover it while another might not. It’s important […]

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What is the Right Amount of Life Insurance to Buy?

Determining how much life insurance you need means taking a long, hard look at your financial life. You should consider your savings, debts, and income potential to help you decide how much your loved ones will need upon your passing. [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s insurance rates.” cat=”life”] We know thinking about needing life insurance isn’t something […]

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Can I Borrow Money from My Life Insurance Policy?

If you have a whole life or permanent life insurance policy, you may be able to borrow against it if it has cash value. The cash value is the money in the account that exceeds the death benefit you chose. This ‘extra’ money gets invested by the insurance company. However, it’s cash for you to […]

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Factors That Affect Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance isn’t required, but it can certainly be helpful for your loved ones upon your passing. Just how much are you worth and what does it cost to get that coverage? The answer is that it depends. No two people will pay the same premium for their insurance even with the same coverage. It’s […]

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Choosing the Right Life Insurance Plan

If you are an adult, you probably need life insurance. If you don’t know the first thing about it, buying the right life insurance policy can seem overwhelming. Not only do you have many program choices, but you have to choose the right amount and terms too. [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s insurance rates.” cat=”life”] Before you […]

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Preparing for a Life Insurance Medical Exam

If you are trying to get the best rates possible on your life insurance, you’ll need to plan for your medical exam. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are in good health and not preparing for the exam. One ‘red flag’ during the exam and you could find yourself with hefty rates that you […]

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Reasons to Switch to a Whole Life from a Term Life Policy

Did you buy a term life insurance policy to get you through your younger years when you had a lot of debt and little savings? Chances are you were trying to protect your young family against the unexpected. If you’ve made it through that period and your term life insurance is about to end, you […]

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Is There a Limit on the Amount of Life Insurance One Can Buy?

You’ve decided it’s time to buy life insurance. It’s a smart decision. You are protecting your loved ones in the wake of your passing. Before you go and apply for the highest policy possible, you should know that there are limits to the amount of life insurance you can buy. The Point of Life Insurance […]

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Do Single People Need Life Insurance?

Many people assume life insurance is only for married couples and families, but that’s not the case. Even single people can benefit from life insurance. The good news is that you’ll likely pay lower premiums because there’s less to insure. Either way, though, you shouldn’t ignore the need to insure yourself. [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s insurance […]

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