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California Insurance Commissioner Files Lawsuit to Prevent Iranian Investments

Steve Poizner -a California Insurance Commissioner, has stated that he is filing a lawsuit challenging last month’s decision from the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) that his efforts to prevent insurance companies from investing in Iran constituted an “underground regulation.” Poizner’s lawsut contests the OA’s analysis of this issue and also seeks to clarify […]

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Island Insurance Adds New Discounts

Hawaii’s largest locally owned and managed property and casualty insurance company, Island Insurance Co. Ltd., has announced the expansion of it’s existing multi-policy discount to include an additional discount on homeowners insurance. Under the new plan, customers who have both their personal auto and homeowners policies with Island Insurance will be eligible for an additional […]

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Insurance Brief: Lloyd’s to Open Russian Office

Lloyd’s, the high-end insurance company known for covering things like the hands of concert pianists, announced recently that it has plans to open an office in Russia sometime in 2011. According to the bulletin it released, the corporate office at has determined that, “…a dedicated country manager will enable Lloyd’s to better understand and explore […]

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Oklahoma Has New Insurance Commissioner

Among several gubernatorial and congressional races that were decided in Tuesday’s election, there were also a few Insurance Commissioner positions up for grabs. One such race was in Oklahoma, where insurance agent John Doak defeated incumbent Commissioner Kim Holland with approximately 54.5 percent of the vote. Doak, a Republican who campaigned against the federal health […]

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Five Bizarre Insurance Claims (That We SWEAR We Didn’t Make Up)

Okay, we know that people sometimes make insurance claims for some truly bizarre reasons, but these are more bizarre than most. Since this is Halloween week, we’ve decided to share them with you: Shooting a Monkey: There’s no doubt that law enforcement work is a high-stress job, but even police officers can take emotional duress […]

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Mid-Term Elections and Health Care

Next Tuesday, November 2nd, is election day, and while many people may think it’s okay to blow off mid-term elections, we here at the Insurance Specialists Blog feel differently. In fact, we’re urging everyone to vote. Why? Because the senators and congresspeople who are voted into office next week could determine the future of health […]

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Alabama Wind Pool Changes Policy on Buildings In/On Water

The Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association, that states last-resort insurer for such policies, announced on Friday that it would no longer be issuing policies for buildings built over or in water. According to association manager Bob Groves, while they provide coverage for wind damage, they are concerned about water undermining the structure of buildings. Current policy […]

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Farmers Now Insures Property on FarmVille. No, Really.

We thought it’s a joke, but not- Effective today, Farmers Insurance Group is offering the 60 million monthly players of Farmville virtual crop insurance. In the game, Farmers will be represented by a virtual version of the Farmers Insurance Airship, which, in the real world, is a 246-foot long Zeppelin. In exchange for placing it […]

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49% Of People with Pre-Existing Conditions Denied Health Insurance, Report Says

One of the larger elements of the health insurance reform laws that were passed earlier this year was a ban on coverage denials for people with pre-existing health conditions. However, that part of the legislation is not yet in force and, perhaps in anticipation of times to come, the top for-profit health insurers in the […]

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